The Next Paradigm:
Common Sense for This Generation

“Bold ideas. Bravely written.”

TNP is an important socio-political work of words and music. KB contributed to, and edited the book, his second effort with authors Thomas Cryan and Aldo Berti. Karl also served as Executive Producer of the soundtrack CD, a unique effort to bring the power of music to the words. You can find TNP at

The Next Paradigm Soundtrack

Speaking to the power of words, and music, The Next Paradigm Soundtrack features 22 songs, performed by 20 emerging artists from around the world. KB served as Executive Producer of the effort which required hundreds of hours in the studio. A bulk of the recording, and all of the mixing, and mastering of the work was completed at the Live Room Recording facility of WERS FM at Emerson College by a team of Emerson students who brought amazing energy, and life to the project. Read about TNP Music Project. You can find the CD on Amazon.

3 Principles: Building a Future
in Peru and Latin America

Do not lie. Do not steal. Do not be lazy. These are the Three Principles that ground this important book, a dynamic conversation that addresses the major social, political, and economic issues that face Peru and Latin America. Said one Amazon review:

“The insight is amazing and daring, as (Three Principles) points out problems that people tend to shy from. Not only is this book vitally important to the future of Peru--it carries lessons that every nation in the world, and every individual living in those nations, can learn and grow from. Think of a combination of Gromsky and the level-headedness of Thomas Paine and you might come close to something like The Three Principles.”

You can find 3Principles on Amazon.